By Callie Rainey, Ozarks News Journal

Springfield, MO–There’s  an industry-wide record about to be beat… but it isn’t good. The amount of auto safety recalls are 3.8 million shy of the highest they’ve ever been. As of late June, general motors has recalled more than 27 million motor vehicles.

Tyann Wiederholt had an ignition switch recall on her 2006 Chevrolet cobalt.

So if my key chain was too heavy it could pretty much stop the vehicle and lock the wheel so you couldn’t do anything and shut the car off,” said Wiederholt.

Manufacturers are responsible for informing customers of their safety recalls. Once the customer receives notice that the parts are in they can contact a local dealership and schedule a service appointment.

Dealerships want you to know that it takes time to receive the replacement parts.

Jim Dowler is the assistant service manager at Thompson Sales.

“These parts are made available from a vendor. A lot of people have the concept that these parts are manufactured by general motors and when in reality vendors are the ones that manufacture these parts so general motors hands are tied as far as these parts being available,” said Dowler.

General Motors isn’t the only car manufacturer dealing with recalls though. Ford has over 160,000 escapes recalled. Associates with Don Vance Auto Group in Marshfield say they take precautions to ensure that no vehicles leave their lot with any recall.

Clint Calloway is the service director at Don Vance Auto Group.

“Before the vehicle is ever sold we check all the recalls out here in the shop and are responsible for making sure they’re done. If the dealer doesn’t catch the recall on the oasis report when it’s in the shop they could face a fine for not having performed that recall while it was in,” said Calloway.

While Thompson and Vance say they both do what they can for customers, not all dealerships do.

“Each time they told me it would just be a couple hours and it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Each time trying to get a hold of somebody was chaotic. No one ever knew what was going on. They just seemed very displeased to be dealing with someone that had a problem with it. A non paying customer,” said Wiederholt.

The wait may be painful but it’s important to ensure that vehicles with safety recalls are taken care of.

“99.9% of the recalls out there affect the vehicle and the customers safety. Whether it’s an ignition switch failure or seatbelt or something like that it’s in the persons best interest to get these recalls taken care of. It’s for their own good and their family and that’s why it’s our main concern to get these people in and get these recalls taken care of so that their vehicle is safe to drive on the road,” said Dowler.