By Taylor Vance, Ozarks News Journal

Springfield, MO–The discussion of children and gun safety has been the buzz since the incident in Arizona last month that involved a six year old girl accidentally shooting her instructor with an uzi.

Dale Siler is the owner of the local gun range, Ozark Shooters.

“That shouldn’t have ever happened, and even though it could have been safely that instructor didn’t do it safely, he wasn’t standing in the right place he didn’t have control of the gun when the child had it and well he paid,” said Siler.

John Russwurm is the chief range safety officer.

“The girl was way too young to be shooting that rifle… that was my thought,” said Russwurm.

Organizations like the NRA and Missouri Department of Conservation provide classes specializing in teaching young people how to safely use a firearm.

“So many different things about safety: guns in your home how to keep them secure, how to put them in safes if you have rifles or shotguns, how to use a small gun fault that kids couldn’t get into, have a combination on it or have a keypad with a code on it or fingerprints they even have on it now that the parents could use but the kids couldn’t get into the guns and that’s what you want you want to be the most safety conscious,” said Russwurm.

Safety doesn’t stop with the parents teaching and enforcing it. Manufacturers are also behind the movement. Over time, the production of guns have advanced with features like this hinge safety.

“Manufacturers have pretty well, ya know there have been guns in the past that would go off if you dropped them, I’ve seen a few examples of that but all the guns that are manufactured today will not go off they have block firing pins or some other device that blocks them and they won’t go off,” said Siler.

While local gun ranges like Ozark Shooters does not allow machine guns like the one in the Arizona incident, they take the safety precautions necessary in all guns used by children at the range.