By Rachel Fuchs, Ozarks News Journal

Springfield, MO- Whether your 50 or 5 the doggie paddle cannot save you in a serious life situation when it’s you vs. the water.

Which is why the importance of taking swimming lessons can save you in these situations.

According to Missouri State Highway Patrol in 2013 15 percent of drowning victims were in the age group of 16 to 20 years old. And the second highest age group was 21 to 25.

Jenna Harmison, a swimming coach at YMCA had this to say about why she thinks the age group is much higher for drowning’s then those who are younger, “As a child you can learn more quickly where as adults it takes more time to get in the water cause throughout their life they have been mainly scared of the water.”

The American Red Cross suggest these tips for safe swimming, always swim in an area supervised by a lifeguard and obey all warnings, provide close and constant attention to children in or near the water, and stay within arms reach of young children and inexperienced swimmers while they are in the water.

Harmison states, “The water will not hurt will not get hurt. When you are getting swimming lessons the instructor will make sure you will be okay. Water can be scary if you don’t know what your doing but I say start swimming lessons at a small age.”