By Rachel Fuchs, Ozarks News Journal

Their venous bite and long brown legs has people fleeing out of their homes like this couple from Weldon Springs, Missouri where they found 5,000 brown recluse spiders… and they weren’t the only ones.

Angela Porcelli had to evacuate her apartment after she found several brown recluse spiders in her residence here is Springfield.

“I found the first one in my closet so I had my boyfriend come over and tell me what kind of spider it was and [he said] it was a brown recluse.  After that they were in my closet or under my bed or in the corners of my room and where two walls met and they would come out of there. I probably found ten in my room alone and there was a lot more in the apartment,” said Porcelli.

Francis Skalicky is a conservation specialist with the Missouri Department of Conservation.

“It’s a brownish spider that’s about the size of a quarter but the most easy way to spot it is it has a violin shape on its back… a dark brown violin shape [and] that’s why it’s called the fiddle back,” said Skalicky.

“They like to crawl into old cabinets, bedding materials, closets where you have clothes; that’s why especially if you are getting clothes out that haven’t gotten out since last spring or if you are going through an old house it’s always good to give them a shake first because they might have brown recluse spiders,” said Skalicky.

The brown recluses are usually found in the summer time but since they are living in a house where the temperature is the same they are still a threat.

“Keep a clean house.  Spiders don’t like a disturbance so the more you’re cleaning, dusting, [and] all that kind of stuff the less [likely] you’re going to have spiders in your house,”  said Skalicky.