By Rachel Fuchs, Ozarks News Journal

Recently in downtown Springfield 120 people have received minor in possession tickets in just one weekend

This started with the Springfield fire department noticing that there may have been over crowding concerns in some downtown lofts, which is considered a fire hazard. There happened to be around 250 people inside the loft.

Taylor Wagner is a student at Missouri State University.

“Multiple uniforms cops came in and told the minors to go to the back of the room and that the only way they could leave is if they showed their IDs,” said Wagner.

Lisa Cox, the Public Affairs Officer for the Springfield Police Department, says if they know of any additional problems of violation of the law then they are going to be there to enforce it.

“According to the Missouri Department of Revenue, the law states that any person more than 15 and under 21 years of age may have his or her driving privilege suspended or revoked if they are purchasing or attempting to purchase alcohol, possessing any alcohol, if they are visibly intoxicated or if they have a blood alcohol content level of more than .020 percent,” said Cox.

“I don’t understand why they are taking it to this level it’s a college town there should be some leniency here and there I understand they have to uphold the law but you should give a warning first instead of kicking someone while they are down,” said Wagner.

“The place I live at we received a note from the fire marshal and our landlord saying there will be security 24 hours on our properties to check if there is any parties going on that there is overcrowding and minors”

People have also taken this issue to twitter asking why they are just now enforcing this law, Springfield pd commented back saying they have been enforcing it as needed for many years.

Police say underage drinking is illegal and if its happening in an instance like that which it shouldn’t be its one of those laws they have to enforce

For information regarding the consequences of an minor in possession ticket feel free to visit