Eurasia Coffee and Tea has been open for week here in Springfield and it offers more than just coffee to the Community Ozarks News Briefs Alan Heckler found out how it benefits the world.

“This is one of the best mocha’s I had in a long time I thing there coffee is top notch.” Frey said.

Regular Butch Frey says coffee is not the only thing that Eurasia Coffee and Tea takes pride in.

“They have some good fair trade practices.” Frey said.

They buy their coffee and tea from all around the world.

“Are main coffees are from Sumatra, Indonesia, then also South America and we have a couple of Jamaica blue mountain and Kona Hawaii as well.” Beiler said.

“It’s the people that grow the coffee” Frey said.

Not only does the coffee taste good but 10 percent of the funds actually help with different causes around the world.

“Trafficking agency in Cucuta India and they provide vocation training for women who are coming out of the sex trade. And also take children who are born into the brothels and give them a safe place.” Beiler said.

Human trafficking is not the only issue they help out with.

“There’s an after school program for girls coming out of extreme poverty. They learn English they learn how to use computers.” Beiler said.

Frey says he’s thrilled that his purchase is helping coffee growers.

“A portion of that is going to help the people that need the help where the coffee is grown and the tea is grown that’s huge for us.” Frey said.

Beiler says that his business can help Commercial Street regrow to its former glory.

“Really want to try to have this be a spot where people can get plugged into different volunteering opportunities whether its local on the street here in Springfield or going around the world as well.” Beiler said.

Not only is Eurasia Coffee and Tea making a difference around the world but will help the Ozarks as well.