At the start of the Fall 2014 semester, Missouri State did not have a women’s lacrosse team. So sophomore Anna Timmerberg decided she’d start one.

“I played women’s lacrosse for two years when I was in high school, and when I came to MSU I was sort of sad because we didn’t have a team,” says Timmerberg. “I met a girl in my chemistry class who loved lacrosse too, so we started a team.”

“Anna and I both missed having a sport to play while we were in college,” says Missouri State student Katie Baker. “We figured it would be fun to have a small team to pass around with, but it has grown much more than I ever expected.”

The team currently has 20 members, and just played their first game on Sunday where they took down their opponent down with a score of 13-4.

“I am so proud of how we played,” says freshman Liz Welker. “Some of our girls have never played lacrosse before so to see them making goals in their first collegiate level game, it was really cool.”

Timmerberg says they toggled with the idea of only allowing girls with past experience to play on the team.

“We considered it, but when we met the new girls, they had so much passion to learn and we just couldn’t limit that.”

“When we first started practices, we realized we had to teach them how to properly hold their sticks and the basics like that,” explains Baker. “All of the girls with past experience chipped in and we were able to give them a crash course in the first few practices.”

“This was my first time ever playing lacrosse, I’ve played soccer my entire life,” says Courtney Battelle. “I knew I wanted to participate in some kind of sport while I was in college, and all of the girls have been amazing and extremely helpful.”

While the team moves past its beginning stages, Timmerberg is working to raise more money to fund the program, to get the lacrosse field marked for women’s regulations and hopes to find capable hands to leave the team in when she graduates.

The women’s lacrosse team will take on Oklahoma State on April 11th.