Springfield—One way you can prevent crimes from happening in your neighborhood is by starting a neighborhood watch program

According to Sgt. Charleston of the Springfield Police Department there are 17 watch groups right now and there are also 3 apartment watch programs available and 3 more that are up and coming.By having a neighborhood watch program you are not only helping yourself and neighbors but you are also helping the police department.

Charleston states, “What we’ve seen with the neighborhood watch is bringing people together so it really helps with the participation and the interaction we have with the community because, they give us information and the observations they see when we are not out on the street.”

Residents of the Springfield community came together to learn ways that they can help their community and safety by forming a watch program.

Brandon Toler an attendee of the Springfield watch program, states that something that is easy to do is get out and cut your shrubs back and make your house more visible. Also put more lighting out, those are just easy things to do. Also lock your doors and put different locks on if they are not working. If you have sliding doors put a board behind them so that they can’t slide open.

The training focuses on crime prevention, observation and reporting skills, operation identification, and crime prevention through environmental design.

“A big misconception is I have to go out and patrol the neighborhood for an hour or two hours at a time and that’s not the case… what we are needing is just the citizens to just be more aware of what’s going on around them”, says Toler.

The neighborhood watch sessions are free and are open to the public.