By Lakyn McGee

Springfield, MO – With the summer coming to an end, some of the tall grass you’ve seen hasn’t gone away.  The City of Springfield is placing notices in front yards due to the abundance of grass.

“The scope of the ordinance deals with those people who see fit to the city to become their mowing contractor for the growing season,” says Chris Straw, Director of Building Development Services.

Officials also say the problem is due to the large amount of abandoned homes in North Springfield.  If the home appears to be abandoned or the city receives complaints on the home because of the tall grass, the city would treat it as if it was a vacant piece of property.

The number of abandoned homes is increasing in North Springfield.  The tall grass and trash in the yards are causing some of the neighbors a very hard time in selling their homes.

“Every time I show it, people ask me what’s going on with the place next door.  Because it looks abandoned and it probably is abandoned.  There’s tall grass I mowed and they (potential renters) just don’t want to live next door to that,” says homeowner Alice Leonard.

With residents in the area starting to lose patients with the high rising numbers, city officials are taking the matter seriously. Straw says, “If we have to do a subsequent mowing within the season than an escalated penalty fee is applied.”

Zone One, by Madison Street, has become the number one area in the city for abandoned homes and unkempt lawn care.  City officials hope that within the next 18 months, the city will see some improvement.