By Lakyn McGee

Springfield, MO – Winter is on its way.  And that means Jack Frost is ready to cause some havoc with road conditions.  The city of Springfield is investing in new snow plows for the upcoming winter season.  Last year’s record snowfall has city officials planning ahead for similar conditions this year.

“Every year we do a prep with our snow vehicles and equipment, as well as making sure that we have all the materials in place for each season,” says Ron Baily, Superintendent of Streets.

Springfield is recently updating their plow trucks that they are starting to use for the upcoming winter season.

The public works team typically wraps up prep work by the end of each October.  Springfield receives $350,000 a year for snow removal.

Baily also states that, “You can’t really prepare the budget for snow because you never know how much you’re going to get.”

Even a few business’ take precautions during the snowy conditions.“If the road conditions are bad enough in order for staff can’t get to work than we would close, ” says daycare owner Mary Jo Blevens.

Springfield uses an average of 2,000 tons of salt in a year in order to help speed up road condition recovery.