By Mitchel Finnegan

Springfield, MO – With almost constant conflict in various areas around the Middle East, ISIS and similar extremist groups are shaping the view of the Muslim religion, but are they affecting the freedoms of American Muslims?

“Not really a whole lot. There’s like certain things I guess like around campus that are disturbing but nothing that pertains to my individual freedoms,” said Husref Rizvanovic, a student at Missouri State University.

But, what ISIS fails to show is the religion itself. A religion that is, in fact, practiced across the world, not just in the Middle East.

“It’s a terrible stigma because Middle Eastern Muslims aren’t even the majority of the religion. Islam is mainly in Asia actually, most people don’t know that. Like what they see on TV is not what most Muslims look like,” said Husref Rizvanovic.

So while many Americans think of ISIS when they think of the religion, they fail to think of the religion as a whole, instead of extremist groups.

“I definitely think most, well not most, but some definitely do have the wrong connotations towards what Muslims look like and how they act in society they are all just terrible people. If they actually knew a Muslim in their community they would know a lot differently,” said Husref Rizvanovic.