By Benjamin Ward

Springfield, MO – Anyone with a lawn knows the scene all too well. A beautifully maintained lawn destroyed, without notice, by an underground animal.

The culprit, a mole. A small mammal able to quickly move while in the soil. Several problems can occur if this nuisance is not handled properly.

“Moles can create damage to the turf both with runs and with mounding making large dirt piles. Over several years’ time you’ll get some erosion issues and it’s just unsightly for the lawn,” said Jeff Nall, Owner of White River Lawn Care.

Moles are not the type of animal you can wait out and hope that they go away either.

“Moles are active year round. When people start noticing the mounding it’s because they’re going deeper into the ground because of temperature, it’s too cold, or it’s really dry and they are trying to go down to the level of the food source,” said Nall.

So what can you do to make sure your lawn is not the next one covered by mole hills?

There are numerous ways to get moles out of your yard, however most just offer a temporary solution. Using a trap is considered the most effective and permanent method.

Your local supply store should carry many of these temporary solutions including repellants and poisons, as well as a couple of traps if you were wanting to do it yourself.

You can also contact most lawn care services if you are wanting a professional to take care of the problem.

The bottom line is make sure to take action as soon as you notice mole activity so that you can make sure your lawn stays beautiful.