Nationwid Nursing Shortage Being Felt Throughout the Ozarks

by Mitch Finnegan

Springfield hospitals are facing challenges similar to hospitals around the country. Kaitlyn McConnell, Media Relations Director for Cox Health Springfield, says she knows this all too well.

Right now in the united states we really are looking to hire a lot of nurses. Not just at Cox Health, but across the country,” McConnell says.

Nursing jobs have felt the impact of many things from the recession of 2008, to baby boomers needing more healthcare.

“As baby boomers are aging and getting out of the workforce and requiring more care, it’s an area we really can see a lot of growth in and therefore really looking to get ahead of the curve,” McConnell says.

With the nationwide nursing shortage, local Springfield hospitals are having to revert back to some traditional ways of recruiting nurses.

“Cox college is almost as old as Cox Health itself,” says McConnell.” It started as the Birge School of Nursing back in the early 1900s and that is a great resource for us.”

While Cox College and programs across the country provide quality nurses, the demand for nursing is out-growing the supply.