Suspicious Fire Causes Concern for Neighbors

by Rachael Cohoon

A fire on the north side of Springfield could be the result of arson. Early Monday morning, a house on the East block of Pacific Street was engulfed in flames. Johnny Gross says he woke up to flames just down the street.

“I’m a neighbor and it’s unbelievable, cause ain’t nobody live there for 3 months of any kind. It had no powder, it had no electricity, but yet it burned,” says Gross.

The house has been a victim of burglary and vandalization several times before this incident, but this fire is raising some red flags. For instance, there were security cameras set up in the house by the owners, but they were destroyed in the fire.

The fire marshal says they are looking into the incident to see what could be the possible cause. Gross says that he already has his suspicions.

“Somebody broke into the house and lit a fire that didn’t need to be lit and burned the house down,” he says.

Residents around the neighborhood fear more things like this could happen in the future.

From January 1, to September 5 0f 2015, only six arson fires were reported to police, but from January 1, to September 5 of 2016, that number has increased by 100 percent. The total cost of damages from this Monday morning fire have amounted to over $12,000.