by Laykn McGee

It’s hard to find a job in America these days, but Life360 wants to change that. For Dylan Jones, a Life360 participant the organization has provided comfort in a time of struggle, bringing to her mind, you can do anything.

“I’ve just been here the last month struggling to find a job and jobs for life is helping me get the skills I need to get and keep a job. It’s been really helpful so far and I hope to find employment soon,” Jones says.

Life360 will provide skills you don’t necessarily need from a degree. According to Life360 executive director, Jeremy Hahn.

“Didn’t learn what you needed to in school to get a job? Well Life360 will help you get a job, without the books,” Hahn says.

Hahn says the eight week program will empower future employees through job situations and life skills.

“Help those individuals that need to better their job situation or get a job and equips them with skills needed to go to that first interview and make the big asks as they are employed and be a good employee all the way through,” he says

For Samantha Hunter, Life360 provides more than confident job skills, interests and opportunities.

“Like, if you need food or diapers or just someone to talk to, they’re here,” says Hunter.

Life360 is designed for northwest Springfield neighbors. If you are looking for job skills or help, Life360 says, their door is always open.