by Macy Marie

At the end of July a trial run began for reverse angle parking on Commercial Street in Springfield. Less than a month later, the city also began repaving the roads and improving sidewalk drains on a section of the street.

Both projects are meant to help revitalize Commercial Street. The reverse angle parking added over 70 parking spots on Commercial Street, however not everyone is in favor of this change.


” I don’t like the regular angle parking on these streets, I feel like it’s really dangerous. I’d rather just stick to parallel parking,” says Michael, a frequenter of Commercial Street.


Michael is not the only one that has had a problem with the parking and construction. According to a study done by the city of Springfield over 40 percent of people found the reverse angle parking to be very difficult.


After negative responses, business leaders will be making the decision to keep or get rid of parking. Some businesses will just have to deal with it.


“Backing in parking can be a little bit tough but people just have to learn how to do it and how to deal with it,” says Terry, a local business owner.


Terry says has heard several complaints from costuments about the parking and constuction,however he is optomistic for the future of Commercial Street.

“Anytime you do something like this, the end result is to help. I’ve seen a little bit of the sidewalks they’ve done, they’re all real nice. In the end, two years past, three years have gone and I’ll go oh yeah I remember we were shut down for a little while but it was a long time ago and now things look better,” says Terry.

The city will be sending out surveys to businesses over the next month. All projects in the area are expected to be completed by November.