By Lakyn McGee, Ozarks News Brief

SPRINGFIELD – In April of 2011, Springfield voters banned the sale of alcohol in family-oriented movie theaters.

Marc Evans, a franchise Alamo partner, hopes to show Springfield that the Alamo will contribute more to the city.

“What I think we’d like the council and the city to understand is that were responsible. I have children, we like to show entertainment to a broad variety of audience’s. There is no real evidence that alcohol in a movie theater contributes to unusual behavior or those sorts of things,” says Evans.

Alamo will take the place of Campbell 16. But, it’s not the first of it’s kind here in Springfield. The Moxie’s been doing it for years.

Moxie spokesman, Mike Stevens, says they’re unique.

“The idea of having a glass of wine while watching a movie was an attractive thing and distinguished us from other theaters in town and remains that way,” says Stevens.

However, one concern is children in the environment. Clay NcGranahan, of Springfield, says, “Hopefully, Springfield as a community will be responsible with it too.”

The Alamo Drafthouse plans to open in February 2017.