By Rachael Cohoon, Ozarks News Brief

SPRINGFIELD – This month, Springfield’s city council met to discuss improvements around the Commercial Street area.

Commercial Street has been evolving for many years and the city’s economic development office wants to take it one step further.

Frisco Lane, which resides on the north side of C-street, may soon be under construction from a tax increment financing plan, and business owners are excited.

“I think developing Frisco Lane is going to help the entire look of the street come together for people to know they’re not just walking into a halfway developed part of town,” said Rebekah Polly, artist and owner of Artivities.

Polly says she believes the redevelopment will increase accessibility as a business owner.

“Frisco Lane is gonna make it a lot easier and safer to get in and out of our businesses, for us to accept maybe packages or things you know going on back there behind the scenes,” explained Polly.

Although Frisco Lane is a top priority for most businesses, there are some that would like to see improvements in other areas.

“I’ve heard rumors about maybe doing a walkway system. I think that would be really handy, really helpful,” said Stacey Schneider, owner of Pizza House.

Schneider says the council has been involving businesses which makes her feel a lot more comfortable.

“The folks that are in charge of that they’re communicating with us, they’re asking our input so we feel involved, that’s always nice.”

To acquire the Frisco Lane property, It will cost around $1 million, with almost $300 thousand of that coming from the TIF fund.