Andrew Sherman, Ozarks News Brief

SPRINGFIELD- In less than 30 days, the election will take place. But after the recent debates, some millennials don’t feel like voting.

After two presidential debates and the lonely vice presidential debate, many are concerned whether they should vote at all during this election, especially millennials.

Millennials make up thirty-one percent in the overall voting population. But after watching cat-fights and bickering instead of informative debates, most are turned off from voting because of this.

“The debates have redefined that for me and it has more or less turned me off to the idea of wanting to have my voice heard in the equation at all because i know either way i’m going to vote is not going to be represented,” said Jacob West, Springfield resident. 

“Like Trump talking about what he’s going to do or what he believes, or Hillary talking about what she is going to do or what she believes but its more like an attack on the opponent,” said Kirstin Walker, Springfield resident. 

But it isn’t just the debates. Even the options for president has turned some away.

“It is a turn off to voting because I was excited to vote until I was given these options between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton,” said Stacy Paul, Springfield resident.

“Trump and Clinton said and done. They are incredibly controversial figures. So that was basically the primary reason I was already not looking forward to the debates, or the election,” said Kieran Ojakangas, Springfield resident. 

“The demeanor of both candidates has been really juvenile,” Theresa Strake, Springfield resident. 

Even though millennials are turned off by these debates, some of them will vote for the third party.