Kathryn Eutsler, Ozarks News Brief

SPRINGFIELD – Voting absentee is often less stressful than voting on election day. But for Hanna Stash, casting her vote early was hard to do.

“I was on the way to vote, and I was thinking, what am I going to do. I’m really conflicted, because I have really strong political beliefs,” says stash

Stash further explains she doesn’t like either of the major party candidates.So, she took matters into her own hands. She wrote in two candidates.

“I ended up voting for two people, a president and vice president, who I feel like do have the same beliefs as me” she said.

This election season, Stash may not be the only one. According to CNN Politics, Google searches for the words  “write in” are currently up by over 2,000 %. Some voters, like Alexander Holt, say this election season calls for desperate measures.

“I voted write in for president, and I voted for myself and my brother for the running mate”says Holt.

Dr. Kevin Pybas says he think writing – in may be a common strategy this election, because of dissatisfaction with the two major parties.

“It’s probably not theoretically impossible, but practically it’s virtually impossible for a write in candidate. There would have to be a very coordinated effort for a write in candidate to have any kind of chance” says Pybass.

But he says that write-in votes aren’t about results.

“A write-in vote is a protest vote. I think the most common protest vote we’ll see is people not voting, actually.”

Cory Dickinson says he will be voting-but he’s sticking with a candidate in one of the two major parties.

“I think deciding on a candidate is the obligation of the voter, even if you don’t necessarily agree with everything that a candidate has to offer, it’s your responsibility to make sure the most responsible candidate is going to be elected” says Dickinson.

Now in some states, you can just write your candidate of choice there on the write-in line, and your vote will be counted. But in Missouri, your candidate has to declare an intent to run, and register by a certain deadline, in order to be eligible to receive your vote.