by Christina Gardner

SPRINGFIELD – Missouri voters have a lot of important issues to cast on their ballots come November 8. Among these is a proposed amendment to the Missouri Constitution. Amendment 6 would require voters to show a photo ID to officials at their polling places.

The League of Women Voters of Southwest Missouri hosted a meeting Tuesday night to discuss the proposed amendment and how it would affect various communities.

“That’s a privilege that a lot of people in our communities do not have and that’s what you need to impress on people. Not everyone in the community has this and not everyone has the ability to obtain it,” said Cheryl Clay, the president of the Springfield chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

“It’s not just like getting on an airplane. You have to show photo ID to get on an airplane. You have to show photo ID to cash a check. Those are things we like to do, but they’re not in the constitution,” said Elizabeth Paddock, a political science professor a Drury University

Currently in the state of Missouri you can use a number of things to show your identity at the polls. You can use something like a passport that does have a photo ID or something like a bank statement, that doesn’t.

Beyond what some may feel are the social ramifications for Amendment 6, fiscally it could cost Missouri close to 2 million dollars annually.

“A huge amount for a state that currently has some schools attending only four days a week because we don’t have money to serve the citizens as much as we should now,” said one league member.

The League of Women Voters says that they are a bipartisan organization and that they encourage all citizens to let their voices be heard on November 8.