by Ben Ward

SPRINGFIELD – The timing couldn’t have worked out any better. One church wanting to give away their building while another looked for one to fulfill its dream of opening up a center in northwest Springfield.

“They were looking for someone to take their building, to turn it into a dream center, while we were looking for a place to host a dream center and the city saying were ready for something like this. So everything worked out together,” said Jody Glazner, Springfield Dream Center director.

The Springfield Dream Center, which will be backed and funded by North Point church, plans to bring together volunteers, resources and partnerships with organizations and non-profits to become a hub for local families.

The Dream Center plans on opening their doors at the beginning of 2017, with certain programs beginning that following spring.

These programs will include after school care, community dinners , basketball academies and an adult learning center. Additional resources will be provided for adults.

“We’ll go through here some classes on parenting, here’s some options on financial literacy, here’s something that you’re dealing with in the neighborhood that we can talk about together at the dinner table. How do we move forward as a family in a neighborhood community together,” said Glazner.

The church also hopes that the Dream Center gives people the ability to achieve their dreams.

“We’re all about our city. So we’re about Springfield more then we are any church or volunteer who takes a place in part of it. So really about how do we help our city see a better future by people believing in themselves and achieving what their dreams are,” said Glazner.