Rachael Cohoon, Ozarks News Brief

SPRINGFIELD – The Chicago Cubs made it to the World Series after 71 years and Cubs fans visited local sports bars more than usual.

“Normally, I go maybe once a week to watch Monday night football or something like that, but since the playoffs and the Cubs are in it I’ve been going a lot more. Probably almost any night that there’s been a game so far,” said Kevin Mertz, a Chicago Cubs fan who enjoys watching the games while out with friends.

Bairs All American Sports Grill is a bar next to Missouri State’s campus and a hot spot for college students.

“Nowadays I’ve been trying to find places with bigger screens or cheaper drinks or anything to make the experience more fun,” explained Kevin.

Josh Vetter, manager of Bairs, said while the Cubs have helped bring in revenue, other teams may have brought in a little more. “We would have gotten more had it been the Cardinals definitely. This is red country, so we would have definitely seen more. But, the Cubs have definitely helped out a lot,” said Vetter.

While Cardinals fans were rooting against the Cubs, they still came out to watch the game.

“I’m not seeing anybody wearing the Cardinals jersey supporting the cubs but it’s not saying there aren’t just baseball fans out there that are watching the game and enjoying the world series,” said Josh.

This is the first time the cubs have won in 108 years.