Ashleigh Bobo, Ozarks News Brief

SPRINGFIELD – Restaurants, such as Yoeslin’s Mexican Cuisine and More and Zayka Indian Cuisine want to expose Springfield residents to different types of cultural dishes.

“People are not use to this kind of cooking, and of course, there is a lot of our cooking around the world that Springfield has not tasted yet,” said Juan Pavon, co-owner of Yoeslin’s.

“So many type of people just came to our restaurant just to try our food or to give us one of their dishes to feel more at home,” said Sofia Pavon-Wilson, also a co-owner of Yoeslin’s.

Only 5% of Springfield residents are non-white. However, business owners like at Yoselin’s Mexican Cuisine and more hope to influence more diversity in the area.

The restaurant has seen many international students and minorities in the area are noticing the up and coming businesses too.

“It does bring a lot of diversity in. I think it just gives people in the community to experience something different besides the typical hamburgers or whatever you see in fast food restaurants or those chain line restaurants,” explains Monica Villa Meza, a Springfield resident.

However, minority residents do see room for more improvement.

“Just even like with the African-American community, like there’s hair products or stuff like that. So I feel like having those things allows people to kind of feel at home,” said Meza.

Minority business owners and residents would like to see this growth continue.