Andrew Sherman, Ozarks News Brief

SPRINGFIELD – The incident this week at Ohio State University has brought up an underlining issue that everyone is not thinking about. Comfortability.

The OSU attacker was featured in an article by the school newspaper in August. He said that he felt uncomfortable at the university because he wanted to pray in public because of his Islamic faith but couldn’t because he was scared.

I asked some Muslim students if they had the same trouble here at Missouri State University.

“Well actually I feel comfortable being Muslim around campus because I haven’t anything or any problem before or someone insult me” said Sam Ali.

Ali has been studying at Missouri State for three years and during his time here, his classmates and teachers respect his beliefs.

Abdul Qarni feels the same way but for a different reason.

He said, “I do feel safe on campus because no one is going to know if I’m Muslim or not. I just go to my class; everyone is busy.”

Even though they pray at home, they thought of a way to pray on campus. They thought of designated prayer areas at the library.

“Just like small part like, small room for any religion or like a couple rooms because I believe that anyone has right to believe that you want to believe” said Ali.

“I would love to see that so that everyone can practice their religion like at an airport, so everyone can practice their religion and worship their gods anytime they want” said Qarni.