Macy Marie, Ozarks News Brief

SPRINGFIELD – A couple in Springfield started an organization to help the homeless several years ago and are now taking the next step. They will be building tiny homes for the homeless.

David Brown and his wife Linda started the Gathering Tree, a non-profit, Christian organization seven years ago after moving into a loft in downtown Springfield.

“What we began to see were the homeless that were on the street” says David Brown, the president of the Gathering Tree.

Brown said that the biggest concern was that his homeless friends had no sense of community and nowhere to go in the evening.

About a year ago, his wife came up with a simple solution.

“The way to stop homelessness is with a home” Brown says.

The tiny home idea came when Linda Brown, who is also a relater, saw other cities doing similar tiny home projects. And the Gathering Tree hopes to build several tiny homes.

The tiny homes will be placed on an abandoned lot on the corner of East Division and Cedarbrook. The lot will be called Eden Village and will function like a neighborhood.

Brown says there has been a lot of interest in the project since it’s announcement.

“Some of our friends that are homeless that we really know that would maybe qualify for this have been very curious and very positive. They can’t believe something like this is going to be done.”

The homes will be built in Texas and shipped to Springfield. Each tiny home will cost about thirty-thousand dollars.

The first house is suppose to be on site by February and the project should be completed by late next year.