Rachael Cohoon, Ozarks News Brief

SPRINGFIELD – Springfield is just one of the many cities throughout the United States suffering from a property shortage.

“We’re experiencing the same thing that is occurring nationally, a shortage of inventory of properties for sale,” said Jim Shirato, head of the Shirato Team with Keller Williams Realty.

“We have had a significant decrease in the number of properties that are for sale. That leans heavily towards the residential and less towards the commercial,” explained Shirato.

One historical moment may have had something to do with it.

“One, is there was a lot of concern about what was going to happen in the national election. I think that was a big issue,” said Shirato.

Another factor playing a role in the property shortage is the winter season. “This time of the year is not typically the time of the year that you would see an upturn in listings.”

Shirato says home buyers are also having trouble finding places to live once they sell their homes.

“We sold one house, well … actually we listed at noon, within a mile of where we are standing. At 2 o’clock, we had a contract. That lady is living in a motel waiting now to buy a house that she has yet to find,” said Shirato.

While some Springfield residents may be in a housing dilemma, more homes could be on the way.

“I think that it is a good reliable prediction that there will be some more development done in terms of residential housing throughout Dade, Christian and Greene Counties.”