Mitch Finnegan, Ozarks News Brief

SPRINGFIELD – Ride sharing services have been sweeping the nation and now you can hail your own uber right here in Springfield. Getting around Springfield can be quite tricky, especially around the holidays…and especially if you don’t have your own transportation. Thats where a ride-sharing service new to Springfield, Uber, comes into play.

Uber launched in Springfield back in November and has since become quite a popular way to get around the queen city.

“The two nights I did drive it was super busy. I’d drop someone off and immediately pick the next person up,” said Tyler Bundt, a Springfield Uber driver.

Bundt, a Missouri State University student, signed up to drive for Uber to make a few quick bucks. He says he’s seen why residents of Springfield have taken a fancy to Uber.

“I actually think it’s set up very well. Using Uber is so convenient for both the driver and rider. If a driver gives a bad experience, the rider can comment on that when he or she gets out of the car – and if that happens, often the driver will be dismissed,” explained Bundt.

In order for someone to become an Uber driver, they must only follow a few simple steps.

“It was actually pretty simple. I just followed the instructions online at I had to verify I have a valid driver’s license and insurance and pass a background check, and then I was golden.”

There has been talk lately in the state of Missouri to create a ride-sharing network for services like Uber to operate under, but Bundt thinks the company is doing more good than bad for Springfield as is.

“Oh yeah, definitely. I feel like it helps cut back on drunk driving and you don’t have to deal with trying to find a taxi, which are both big pluses,” said Bundt.