Macy Marie, Ozarks News Brief

SPRINGFIELD – “Being from Lebanon I know a lot of people. So…some of them are effected  but to start with those that were here didn’t want to go back,” says Elie Ghanem.

Ghanem, the owner of That Lebanese Place, is talking about President Trump’s travel ban.

Ghanem has friends all over the world. He opened up the restaurant in Springfield, his wife’s hometown, in hopes of bringing a piece of Lebanon to the Ozarks.

“I hope that from the moment you walk into that door that it’s a Lebanese atmosphere as much as it can be here. From the music, to the hospitality that we do.”

Back in his birth country, and other parts of the middle east, Ghanem says his friends see a different side of the political climate.

“They see more negative effects of the situation over there,” says Ghanem.

Lebanon is not one of the countries effected by the ban but people there are still disagreeing on it.

“Some people are not happy, some people are,” says Ghanem.

For now, Ghanem is not worried about the travel ban for his friends or relatives across the world. He just hopes his food and personality have grown on Springfield like the city has grown on him.

“Springfield is home but I’m very happy of being Lebanese, of course.”